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About The Association of China Refractories Industry (ACRI)

The Association of China Refractories Industry (ACRI), established on October 7th, 1990, is an industry-based national non-profit social organization with the status of a legal entity.
The aims of ACRI are to provide a more normative environment for the development of China refractories enterprises and to improve the competitive strength of them, under the guidance of related economic policies released by national government.
The functions of ACRI include: to formulate guild regulations, to carry out investigations, to collect and release information on domestic and overseas market, management and economic techniques, to draw up and modify industry standards, to conduct professional trainings, and organize exchanges and cooperations between companies in China and outside China, and to perform, analyze and report industry statistics, etc.
ACRI is in the charge of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and guided & supervised by the two organizations.
ACRI consists presently of 328 members (inc. 5 individuals), 155 directors and 52 executive directors.
The 6th Council was formed by the Sixth National Congress of ACRI, held on September 23, 2011 and meanwhile the new ACRI board was elected, consisting of Mr. WANG ShouBin as president, Mr. YIN RuiYu, Mr. TAO RuoZhang and Mr. TIAN XueGuang as honorary presidents, Mr. XU DianLi as executive vice president, and vice presidents include Mr. WANG ChangMin, Mr. WANG ShouYe, Mr. Wang BaiCheng, Mr. WANG JingBin, Mr. FANG YuanDe, Mr. FENG YunSheng, Mr. LIU Wei, Mr. LIU BaiKuan, Mr. QUAN Yue, Mr. LI GuoZhi, Mr. QIU MingJin, Mr. HE ZhuSheng, Mr. ZHANG XueSong, Mr. WU BenYou, Mr. ZHOU FuRen, Mr. ZHAO JiZeng, Mr. HUANG ZhiMing, Mr. LU ChengBin, Mr. ZENG DaFan, Mr. LU JiMin, Mr. JIN QinGuo, Mr. BO Jun, and Mr. WEI GuoZhao. Mr. CHEN JianXiong was elected as General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretaries include Mr. ZHANG JiMing, Mr. ZHAO HaiXin, Mr. YAO LingChun, Mr. JIA QuanLi, Mr. WANG Chaoyang, Mr. CHEN HePing, Mr. SHI DaYe, Ms CHAI JunLan, Ms LIN XiaoHui, and Ms ZHAO DongLian.
The Secretary Department of ACRI is responsible for daily work. ACRI sets up 7 working bodies, i.e. Production Planning Division, Technical Division of Environmental Protection, Information and Statistics Division, International Cooperation Division, Market Coordination Division, Raw Materials Development Division, and ACRI Office.